Combining diamonds, robots, arts, crafts, rare metals & cameras?

Rutil is a Swedish goldsmith that creates custom jewelery to a very high standard.¬†Craftsmanship in a world and time of increasing industrialisation is something to stand up for, and that’s why we’re proud of having shot a short film for them.


Watch the movie

Robots are used to move cameras very close and precisely to the small objects; movements by hand this precise is impossible.

Lights are also moved dynamically at the same time, illustrating the surfaces and volumes when light walks over them: reflections, shadows and gradients in movement.

Being a musician prior to becoming a photographer and filmmaker, I’ve made a custom arrangement for this film, to move in concert with the image.

The music is arranged from more than 40 tracks of classical orchestral instruments, to amplify the message seen on screen. Listen closely, and you’ll hear interesting nuances.

Both photographers and goldsmiths are arts & crafts professionals. Light and reflections. Diamonds, bokeh, platina, lenses.

I feel very proud of using my own craft to show another that I respect highly. Please visit for more.