Now, this is a car!

We’ve shot two shorter clips for Lexus, showing their sports car LC 500 in a car salon setting: one during daytime, and one at night.

The two videos are meant to be different in brightness, character and sound, but to share the aesthetics of our photography, transfered into motion.


The daytime footage is built around the tension between a potential car buyer and the vehicle. Besides interiors and exteriors, it also shows some of the chassis structures, and the car salon setting around it.

The music is arranged to follow the images in a close relation, building tension towards the end, and resetting in the final logo.

Daytime video

The nighttime footage explores coloured reflections in the cars exterior, to reveal surfaces, volumes and lines in a graphical manner, presenting the car in a less obvious way than during daytime.

We’re moving closer and looking at more detail than before. Music is darker, just like the image. Camera movements make reflections move over paint, glass and metal.

Watch the clips by clicking play on the images. Thanks for watching!

Night time video