I’m trying to transfer my still image look to film, and this is an attempt to do so. One girl, two feet, too many shoes. Heartbreaking :-)

The footage contains some time-lapse sequences made with flashes instead of continuous light. It makes it possible to have different lighting setups for each frame, and fade between these lighting setups during playback, making the lights appear to change during time and camera movements.

The opening sequence is one of those, and the other spinning-around-shoes scenes, like the ones where the light varies and kind of shimmers.

It’s been a learning experience, and there’s some stuff in the capture and workflow I’ve adjusted for the next production, to make the strobed time-lapse sequences smoother; if you look closer, you can see some imperfections, but I know how to dial them away now. If there’s interest, I’ll have a how-to-video up soon to show how it’s done, and what to think of to make it work well.

YouTube movie

Most camera movements are smooth though, and this footage makes playback issues very apparent; if your computer/player skips just one single frame, it’s evident right away, above all in the spinning-around scenes. The iPhone YouTube player is quite smooth over WiFi though.

Post grading is done in Photoshop and Lightroom, since I’m familiar with the programs as a photographer. I’ve used the Canon 5D mk II, mostly with EF 35/1.4 and TS/E 24/3.5 II.

It’s a bless to be able to correct perspective directly with tilt/shift during capture, since doing so in post will sacrifice resolution; there’s no room for down-scaling, as opposed to still photography.

Many thanks to Linn Lichtermann for contributing with gorgeous shoes and legs. It’s an art alone just being able to walk in such high heels. The soundtrack is stitched up and rearranged a little, to fit the footage. If you like Dinah Washington, her music is available inĀ iTunes.