Our furniture client Vitra, Switzerland

Our new home

Our previous, defunct and almost seven years old site’s now reborn into new shining chrome.

As a first-ever, we’re showing graphic design examples, along with more elaborate descriptions of our clients. Also not published before are international publications we’ve been featured in.

International campaign for our client Bose in USA

New images can be seen in our photography portfolio, and for a small summary there’s the quick mix photo category.

Images keep their important areas visible during live cropping and scaling, regardless of browser proportions, and typography in images move accordingly and independently to still be readable.

Futura and our version of Raleway

Speaking of typography, the site uses true small caps where appropriate, and our own adjusted typeface versions of Raleway.

Headlines use a tuned version that’s flirting with Futura, and paragraph text are more similar to Helvetica. Both retain the Raleway family look.

Interiors of Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Web development’s been done by the impossibly smart, charming and knowledgeable Maija at Brazen — can’t recommend her any less than 101% and then some. Read her own words about the development here.

Sweden's largest industrial project: jet fighter Gripen

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Hope you’ll enjoy the view. Thanks for looking!

Our images in one of the worlds largest design magazines: Wallpaper