This is my road race bike. I don’t race though, so maybe “road bike” then. It’s been built last spring, and used this summer. The frame is not a road race frame though; it’s a Scott Plasma CR1 Team Issue, small; an older one, a couple of generations back from the current one.

The reason I’ve used a TT/tri frame is that I like a steeper seat tube angle, which is hard to find on normal road racing frames. And with the current move towards more aero road frames, I figured it’s not too bad thinking. Also, I like yellow. Good thing I don’t compete…

These wheels are heavier and deeper than the light ones used last summer, making the bike without pedals weigh 6,3 kg. The new wheels are cheap no-names, getting the weight up to almost 7,2 kg, but I reckon they’ll be more durable for everyday training.

Saddles are always ISM Adamo on my bikes, this one’s no exception. Ugly, yes, but works for me. This one’s gone back though, for a Podium model instead; longer and nicer, me thinks. The bike wears a complete Sram Red group, bought used for stupidly little money. I didn’t find the yellow version of it cheap, otherwise that would’ve been.. well, even more yellow.

The gearing is for hills; 34-50, 11-28. Still high enough for my abilities, and as low as could ever be needed. Guess this one’s really made for the Alps, considering weight and gearing, hope to take it there some summer. I’ve moved to a completely flat place in Sweden now though, so the gearing is a bit out of place.