When photography is not a hobby anymore

…a need arises for something else to tinker with instead of images and cameras. Well, that something is now bicycles, since a year or more. Not only can you ride them, but also wrench, collect, cuddle and get fit on them – perfect!

I’ve found this frame cheap and in my size, so decided to make it a winter project; to scout parts, build, and get it ready for spring. A peaceful hobby to do when I need a brake from photography. Come spring, I guess time spent with this one will not be all that peaceful anymore, since it’s a tempo bike…

Anyways, parts are finally getting close to a complete set; I’ve sourced them as cheap as possible, often second hand, to justify a bike like this one, even though I’m not really worthy as a 40+ beginner, but never mind, it’s fun.

It’s a Giant Trinity Advanced SL, small. The previous owner had a full Dura-Ace Di2 setup on it, but I’ve settled for a mechanical Ultegra group, with the new Vision Metron shifters.

Wheels will be a pretty old Zipp 808 + 900 tubular pair, and on top of that an ISM Adamo Breakaway saddle; I use Adamo saddles on all my bikes, they’re a blessing for me.

Looks a little like a bull. Guess I won’t be kicking ass on it though, it needs a proper engine to do that, and I’m just interested in competing against myself. Oh, and bikes. Now back to work. Just one more.